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    We cannot select dates past the current date of the year when editing calendars (all years).

    Stephen Bank
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      Using control-m 7 (we are in the middle of migrating to a newer version) we are trying to add a year to a regular calendar for 2020.


      When we try and select dates in this calendar we can only select dates from Jan1 to Jan9 (today).  Nothing happens when we click days in the future.


      This is unusual and we notice that it affects all our calendars (including new ones) and all years.  (IE.  If i try to edit a 2019 year we can select only days from Jan 1, 2019 to Jan 9, 2019.)


      Is there any explanation for this.   We did the bulk of our changes to calendars for 2020 last december and everything was fine, but we have changes to make now and are getting this problem.