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    Connection to Event Management System

    Simon Ehrlichmann
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      Hello all,


      I have a question to the Control-M Admins.


      We’re using our own Event Management System. So, not BMC Remedy.


      Actually we’re sending via on/do definition Jobabend Alerts via smtp interface to our Event Management System:


      As you can imagine, this is very time-consuming to define, because in every job these entries have to be recorded.


      I’d like to build up a new default “DO-Destination” like Remedy with our own Parametrization:


      Has anyone ever done something like this ? Or is this even possible ?



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          Mun Keong Lee

          Hi Simon

          There are only 2 ways to do emails in Control-M jobs. What you are doing now and through Shout destination. If you use shout, you email message is only a single line and limited in length and therefore will not work for you as well. I don't see a way in which you can parameterize your email message using a form.

          Are there any relationship between some of the job properties and the email message? If so, you can make use of the Find and Update feature to add/update multiple jobs with the necessary email messages. For example, can job properties like Application, Sub application, hostname, jobname naming conventions or even description be used to add/update the email?



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            Simon Ehrlichmann

            Yes, that's exactly my problem.


            I did it in tghe past via Shout Destination "Rrogramm" where I initiated a script which uses the parameters I gave by the message line.

            That worked well but it's not usable with our actual Event Management System.


            So, I implemented the above described Mail Interface.


            What I now want to create is a new Standard Destination Template like it's included for Remedy.


            Is it possible somewhere for example in the Control-M config files or is it only codable by BMC ?

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              Mun Keong Lee

              Hi Simon

              Email message or shout message cannot be parameterized using customized forms.

              If you wish to save time on creating these email message, having customized forms does not really solve the issue. Although it may be better looking and more friendly, it still can be quite time consuming. That's why I suggest using Find & Update to automatically update add/update these emails messages. This is doable if it's possible map some of the job's properties to your event management's properties.



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                Mark Francome

                Is your Event Management System SNMP compatible? Control-M works very nicely with SNMP Framework tools and you only need to configure a few parameters on the Control-M side to get this running. I used to duplicate all our alert window messages to OpenView and process the info there.


                You can consider sending emails direct via command line - search on the forum for my entries regarding mailx (and other mail utilities) for tips. The only downside is that this usually involves forcing in another job to run the mail command.