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    Devstuido||orchestrator || Find master & slave grid information

    Arulanantham Paramasivam
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      We have 6 production grids. Each grid has CDP & HACDP.


      Some times the CDP went to READY_SLAVE and HACDP went to READY_MASTER . is it possible to check via automated script or health check report or where can I get the information without manual intervention.


      Please help.




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          Henrik Hauchwitz

          Hey Arul,


          Did a quick search through the orchestrators documentation and couldn't find anything where these states reffered to.
          So my guess is that there most likely is no out of the box, automated way to check the current state of your peers.


          However, since you where able to manually get these information, you could try to write your own script to do this.
          If it's within a log, a simple grep(unix) or select-string(windows) for the last matching entry could do the trick.

          These commandlines or even scripts can easily be executed through a scheduled workflow.


          Best regards,

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