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    Submitter Full Name column in 'Work Detail' tab

    Krish K
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      Currently the OOB ITSM applications like CRQ, INC and WO will show only submitter's login ID in the Work Detail section, so to populate the Full Name of the submitter we have achieved by creating a customized workflow as per this doc:-  Adding Submitter Name Column to Work Detail in 8.1 (Step-by-step)


      By utilizing this doc we have also created a customized workflow to reflect the submitter's full name in the SRM:Request form's 'Work Info History' under "Work Info" tab.



      1. When adding a work info notes in INC(INC is generated from a service request form) then it shows the submitter full name, but when the notes are added from the Service request (i.e., when adding a comment in the service request in myIT) then the submitter full name is not populating in teh INC work detail, but the full name is populating in SRM:Request form.

      2. When adding a note in INC then it is not reflecting in SRM:Request form


      How can we achieve this further.


      Thank you in advance,


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          Sinisa Mikor

          Hi Krish,


          have you tried capturing value of z1D Action when name is supposed to be inserted?  Your filter is probably triggered correctly, but its Run If Qualification isn't matched which is why its Else Actions branch is taken, so you could add message action to Else Actions and have it display value of z1D Action to be recorded in filter log; since you'd be changing filter, you should be able to prepare work info for submittal from Service Request, quickly save modified filter, submit previously prepared work info from Service Request and restore filter to its previous state within a few seconds, so the whole process shouldn't cause disruption even if undertaken on a live system.  I suspect that first part of qualification ('z1D Action' != "CREATE_FROM_REQUEST") is causing it to "misfire" because z1D Action is equal to "CREATE_FROM_REQUEST".

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            Krish K

            Hi Sinisa,


            If you have any good example how I can modify my filters could you please provide those details so that I will try to work on it further.

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              Sinisa Mikor

              You don't need to add field and filter to SRM:WorkInfo because there is already Full Name (1000000017) which is automatically populated by filter SRM:SWI:SetFullName when public worklog/workinfo is created in fulfillment application or when one is submitted in service request, so try displaying it instead.

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                Sinisa Mikor

                As mentioned before, when workinfo is added from service request, synchronization with fulfillment application is started and z1D Action is set to  "CREATE_FROM_REQUEST", which is why filter you've added to populate zSubmitterFullName isn't triggered -- it specifically checks that 'z1D Action' isn't "CREATE_FROM_REQUEST".


                With that and my previous post in mind, I think it would be best to:


                • create a copy of Full Name (1000000017) field from SRM:WorkInfo into application's worklog form (HPD:WorkLog) or adjust zSubmitterFullName to match
                • replace column in worklog table in HPD:Help Desk with Full Name if new field was created, update it if not
                • create filter analogous to SRM:SWI:SetFullName (e. g. HPD:HWI:SetFullName) associated to HPD:WorkLog, executed on Submit and Modify events at 1000, which when 'Full Name' = $NULL$ performs Set Fields action to fetch Full Name from CTM:People where 'Remedy Login ID' = $Work Log Submitter$ into Full Name in HPD:WorkLog -- feel free to reuse old filter, of course


                Not only would this achieve your goal, you'd also end up with virtually identical part of workflow in both/all applications.

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                  Crystal Crenshaw

                  Matthew used to work with me so I am aware of this build.


                  We also made updates to the OOTB filter:




                  We added a Set Fields firsts action that looks up the Full Name on CTM:People and sets the value in WL Submitter Name.


                  Then that field is added to the OOTB Push Fields action on that same filter.

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                    Sinisa Mikor

                    Are you certain that is everything you've modified?  It does cover manually created worklogs and (probably) those generated by RBE, but neither of two filters which are used to synchronize worklogs (INT:SRMHPD:WLG:CreateWorkInfo_700_Request`! and INT:SRMHPD:WLG:CreateWorkInfo_700_Request1`!) via HPD:IncidentInterface can be triggered by synchronization with worklog originating from SRM:WorkInfo (e. g. when it is entered by customer in SRS:RequestDetails) because in that case z1D Action is set to CREATE_FROM_REQUEST before their execution order.

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                      Krish K

                      I will give it a shot and let you know where I landed.


                      Thanks a lot for your time and help as always.


                      Thnak you,


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                        Saroj Sahu

                        I would also vote for populating the full name field once and sync it up with other records when the WInfo record gets synced by just adding the field mapping. No need to repopulate. One issue though here is that, as name is stored in regular fields so if name changes, new name won;t reflect.


                        The alternative could be just to replace the column value with full name by replacing it with a table loop and fetch name from people form when Winfo record is displayed. Some performance hit though if WorkInfo records are too many.

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                          Saroj Sahu

                          Krish K Checking to see if the thread can be closed if there are no further queries.

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                            Ganesh Gore

                            I would create a generic FILTER on Submit which will set Full Name of user from People form based on the login id (Irrespective of source of work info (MyIT/SRM/INC/RBE etc), system will trigger it on EVERY new workinfo creation.