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    Which release to upgrade to?  19.02 patch001 or 19.08?  What roadblocks did you hit?

    Carina Burns
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      Hello Community!


      We have a limited amount of space so instead of having a permanent test environment, we are cloning some of our production servers to create a temporary test space.  I opened a case to get some guidance and the answer was to do at least two ARS servers to replicate my server group and since I want/need to keep SmartIT/DWP/SmartReporting all at the same release, to clone one of my Smart boxes.  Essentially, I'm wanting to upgrade all the modules.


      I then asked support where I would find the hotfixes for both 19.02 and 19.08 so I could see how much work would be involved to help me decide which way to go.  I learned that there isn't a central location similar to EPD for hotfixes and support was unable to give me a list of the hotfixes out there.  I know of at least one hotfix for SmartIT needed after applying patch 001 for version 19.02.  And I've seen two announcements about hotfixes for 19.08.   We're on 19.02 now and it's painful so I at first was inclined to upgrade to 19.08....


      But I thought maybe I should ask others what problems they encountered after moving to 19.08.   Any how many hotfixes have you applied after moving to 19.08?


      I know there is a bug remaining with the product catalog even after applying patch 001 for 19.02, but if it eliminates the RSSO conflict and generally is stable, I'm tempted to wait until a patch 001 is out for 19.08 before going to that version.