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    RSSO, Midtier, Tomcat cluster = session timeouts due to wrong reaction of rsso agent?!

    Stefan Hall
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      If I have understood the documentation correctly, BMC recommends to cluster several midtier over standard tomcat cluster configuration. The question I ask myself is: Why?


      The following case:

      • 2 MT (1 and 2), LB with sticky, TC with cluster
      • User logs on and lands on MT 1
      • RSSO identifies the user and issues an RSSO ID
      • TC cluster replicates the jsessionid, both TC know the current TC session


      so far, so good


      Now, for whatever reason, MT 1 must be terminated by an administrator

      • hus MT 1 RSSO agent instructs the RSSO server to destroy the RSSO IDs of ALL known users , which also happens.
      • LB directs all users to the other MT 2.
      • MT2 knows all sessions, but the checks against the RSSO fails. The RSSO IDs no longer exists due to the logoff of MT 1 => Session Timeouts are the result


      Why exactly should you configure a Tomcat cluster if it can never work anyway? How did you solve that?

      I am very curious

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