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    TKU2019-10: Host-Device "GNU/Linux 4.12" is changing to Network Device "NoviWare"

    Marc Zbinden
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      we have imported the TKU-Files "October, 2019" last week.


      Now, we have many changes of "GNU/Linux"-Gateway-Systems, they were all installed on VMware-nodes.


      In this screenshot you will see the difference in an example-entry.

      The reason will be the SNMP sysObjectId "".

      See your documentation: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/Configipedia/Network+Device%2C+Printer+and+SNMP+Managed+Device+Definitions+-+TKU+2019-Oct-1


      Question: Are you sure you took the right OID to scan Noviflow-components?


      thnx 4 answer(s)

      kind regards