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    Enable SSL with Smart Reporting

    Natalia Cuesta
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      Hi all,


      Your help please, I followed the steps that I found in this link https://communities.bmc.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/64988-12-31611396/Steps%20to%20enable%20SSL%20with%20SR.docx but not work.


      Your help with other option configuring ssl.


      Best regards,



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          Carl Wilson

          Hi Natalia,

          If you have the signed certificates and keys, you can convert this to a .jks keystore file (or upload into an existing .jks store or other cert store - I prefer the custom one as it is easier to update moving forward if you have to renew the certs, and you can just replace the one file without updating all references).


          Once you have all certs/keys (if a chained certificate) in the keystore, change the passwords if required (keystore password/private key password), change the alias for the certificate to "tomcat" (this is not a required step, but if done means that you do not need to specify the alias in the tomcat server.xml file).

          Update Tomcat "server.xml" file (under the Smart Reporting directories) to point to the new keystore and provide passwords, alias, etc where necessary.  You can put the file anywhere you want




          keystoreFile="D:\Program Files\BMC Software\Certificates\cdpkeystore.jks" keystorePass="changeit" keyAlias="signedcert"


          Restart the Smart Reporting application.


          I also recommend the following program for manipulating and viewing certs:






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            Yogesh Gharpure

            Hi Natalia,


            Could you please let me know on which step in the document didn't work for configuring ssl?

            We can help you if you are facing any particular issue.