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    Getting Error while Assigning Incident to Assignee

    saurabh shekhar
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      Hello Team,


      I am working on an Automation use case in which one process involves Assigning Incident to Assignee. I have used Autopilot-OA-Incident_Management:Assign Incident to Assignee process to assign INC.

      But that is not working and throwing below error:


      Not only this particular person, but for none of the team member of that Assigned group the INC is getting assigned and is throwing the same error.

      When i debugged the Assign Incident to Assignee workflow using my input parameters, it threw below error response in one of the update entry process:





          <error>Error occured performing remedy action: Message[summary=Error occurred while querying for field IDs on Remedy schema 'HPD:IncidentInterface'., detail='Message[summary=Error occurred while executing query ''1000000161'="INC0000********"' on Remedy schema 'HPD:IncidentInterface'., detail='Message[summary=Exception occured in Adapter 'ARSAdapter'., detail=Remedy exception: '[Type=2][Num=1291053][Text=][AppendedText=The Assigned Group fields are invalid.  Use the menus for the Support Company, Support Organization, Assigned Group, and Assignee fields or the type ahead return function on the Assigned Group or Assignee fields to select this information.]']']']</error>




      Can you please let me know what could be the reason for this process not assigning the assignee to INC?


      Thanks & Regards,