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    Removed a single-select value

    Jack Hawk
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      Build 45.5


      One of our departments changed the list of values in a single select field. Since there isn't an option to rename values, some values had to be dropped and re-added.


      When we look at the ticket in the list of tickets, the field has the old value, but when we open the ticket (edit or read-only), that field is now empty.


      Footprints can't seem to make up its mind.


      If I look in the database, it clearly shows the old value, but running a search via web services returns an empty value.


      How can we get old tickets to show their proper values?

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          Nicolas Roome

          Hi Jack, this is expected behaviour.


          If a single/multi-select option is removed, it does not directly affect historical data. The value will remain. However if you then edit a ticket where the value is no longer valid, it gets blanked out forcing you to put in a new value.


          As an aside, starting in - I believe - version 20.18.03, you can rename a drop down value. I believe the only major issue with that at this time (as of 20.19.02) is that the old name remains in the workflow GUI. And of course, business rules and templates that used the old value aren't auto adjusted to the new value. Whether that's a bug or feature request, I'm not sure TBH.


          If you are looking to replace a dropdown value (ie: rename and replace) then that feature does not exist. There is a feature request you can vote on here: Replace single/multi select values - FP12


          But you can also make this change directly into the database if you want (or you can use a time-based business rule if you want to be more "proper" about it).


          For the DB... update fpdb001_ws_001.incident set dropdown = 'NEW VALUE' where dropdown = 'OLD VALUE'... for example. Adjust as needed.