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    Footprints 11.6.10 attachment management logging

    Christian Beck
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      I have 2 somewhat different recent issues regarding attachments to Footprints cases. Ultimately I need to know where the logging exists for attachment activities to better understand the issues I'm having. Is it possible to get a verbose log?


      Issue 1: An important attachment didn't get attached even though it was logged in case history as "added attachment". When I search the attachment directory of the web server I can document based on date/time..thankfully. I need to find the corresponding log of this event in Footprints of the handling of the file to better understand what happened.


      Issue 2: Some attachments appear to have odd foreign language characters in the middle of the file name ( – ) or ( –). The file(pdf) opens fine and there does not appear to be any corruption. I need to understand cause of this behavior.