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    Andrea Parodi
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      how can i customize the NGLARCH proc in v11.2  ? I mean: in the installation process I left the default name NGLARCH, but now I need to change it because of our standards.

      The OZI version was 3.5



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          Christian Pagani


          Please review the topic Customizing the NGLARCH started task in the BMC Infrastructure Components Admininistration Guide:

          To update or change the name in the agent definition.


          1.   Edit the NGLINIT step from the $465INIT installation job.  
          2.   Locate the <PROCNAME> element:   <PROCNAME>NGLARCH</PROCNAME>
          3. Change the name to match the member name in your system PROCLIB and rerun that step.  

          Execute the  NGL,REFRESH,piid command, where piid indicates the product instance identifier. For more information about NGL commands, see  NGL commands.


          If the DOM agent is active, issue the    DOM,STOP command before issuing the    NGL,REFRESH    command. Once NGL has started, issue the    DOM,START command.