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    BMC SAP KM - Let's sort out this mess

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      The BMC SAP KM really is a mess.


      First off, you have the Patrol Dashboard, which resides on the client systems and allows for discovery. This is a great idea, but for some reason, alarms and alerts can be created, and are set automatically, in this area creating a bottleneck of alarms from the other side.


      Then you have BMC Truesight Presentation server, which does a best effort approach of attempting to display all the different parameters - all of which do not make use of the TSPS thresholds screen...


      This forces you into yet another dashboard - the Truesight Operations Management console - to then find the parameters (mixed in with every other parameter Truesight throws at you) and set the alerts as desired from there - this works but uses Flash and has possibly one of the least user-friendly interfaces I've ever seen, bar of course the Patrol Console.


      But you aren't done there! If you then wish to use the intelligent baselines for any of the SAP KM parameters, you have to go into a fourth console, find the parameter again in there (which is again buried) and tick that you want this variable to be a KPI. Once done, go back into the TSOP and add the thresholds as you need them to be set up there


      All of this, and the documentation for the SAP KM (found here) has no reference to what the parameters are called in TSPS, TSOP, The KPI setting screen, or if they even exist in any of these screens - because don't forget most of them are only available to be set and configured in the Patrol Console.


      It's all very frustrating! How have you all found it? Am I missing something big here that can make this headache much less of a headache for all involved or is there really no full explanation on any of this?