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    default field when opening an asset/workstation window

    Todd Robinson
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      I just got off the phone with a track-it technician in regards to changing the default field when a workstation window is first opened.


      We are using version 11.2, which is not the issue as the technician showed me his computer and I believe the default field is the same in 11.4 & 2019.  I am willing to update to 11.4 if need be, but I already know it doesn't fix the issue, nor give us an option to change it.


      The problem is when the "type" field is highlighted when you open a workstation window, it is too easy to accidentally change the type to something else. We even have a new guy working in our office and it has already frustrated him.


      So my request is if that is the field the cursor is in when the workstation window is first opened, can it at least NOT highlight the whole type field and show up after the name? instead of having the whole field highlighted so that its too easy to mistakenly change? Or give us the choice as to which the default field is OR have no field highlighted and we open a workstation window & get to choose where to click first.


      I am enclosing some screenshots and hopefully what I just described makes sense. Also the technician said I could submit a request instead of posting to a discussion but the link didn't take me to where I could see where to do that. So if you still direct me that way I can do that because I wasn't really looking for a discussion but a request for a change. Quite frankly I cant believe it hasn't been changed yet anyway.


      Thank you.