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    Enhanced global search for end users  DWP 19.11 preview

    Pascal Junker
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      Hello everyone,
      I read the "Enhancements preview" 19.11 with interest. I am also positively surprised about the extension of the search results!
      19.11 enhancements preview - Documentation for BMC Digital Workplace Advanced 19.08 - BMC Documentation

      Because, it can only get better....


      Today with version 19.08 I am not happy with the presentation and its content in the search preview.
      The search result of the knowledge article repeats the title of the article in the detail column and then the keywords of the article are displayed!  => useless!

      This is no added value and the keywords must not be displayed to the user. In this column the part of the text should be displayed as before "Excerpts" or "Words around hits".

      Under no circumstances the keywords from the knowledge metadata!

      I also hope that the new extensions will be compatible with IE. According to my screenshot the table doesn't work correctly in IE either.

      Unfortunately, the preview window has also been reduced in size. The content is hardly displayed and has limited use for the user because he can't see any content.




      What can be done better for the next version?

      • Check the displayed value in the detail column.  Text around the search value? (Excerpts or Words around hits)
      • Please do not display metadata. No keywords. This does not bring any added value to the user
      • Enlarging the preview window.



      John Gallagher  Olga Kutetska Peter Adams