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    Not able to resolve shared variable in CM 9.19.100 windows

    Massimiliano Daccomi
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      Hello guys,

      I'm not able to resolve (view) global variables with CM 9.19.100 windows (all in one box).



      I defined some global variables using ON-DO-ACTION or ctmvar command :



      ... but when trying to display the variables value (with echo command) I always see only the variable name

      but not his value.


      Tryin with the below commands doesn't resolve the global variable value but only the variable name :


      echo %%<variable_name>

      echo %%\<variable_name>

      echo %<variable_name>

      echo %\<variable_name>

      echo <variable_name>

      echo %%\\<POOL_NAME>\<variable_name>


      Is there someting I missed in the configuration for resolving GV values ?


      Thanks in advance.