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    Control-M WLA GUI shows start times one hour ahead after DST.

    Chandrasekaran Venkataraman
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      Sydney, Australia switched to daylight time (AEDT - UTC+11) today (06 Oct 2019). This appears to have impacted the job start times shown in the GUI, in that, it is an hour in advance/ahead. However, in the job log, the correct time is displayed. For example, job that actually ran between 09:00 and 09:05 shows as though it ran between 10:00 and 10:05.

      The impact seems only cosmetic, although very misleading and inconvenient.


      The $CTM_HOME/data/TimeZone.dat file on the Control-M Server still has this:

      % grep SYD TimeZone.dat

      SYD (GMT+10:00)


      The TimeZone.dat on the Control-M/EM server (./etc/cli/data/TimeZone.dat) had GMT+10:00 for SYD, but changing it to GMT+11:00 does not seem to make any difference

      % grep SYD ./etc/cli/data/TimeZone.dat

      SYD (GMT+11:00)


      The following didn't help either:

      % grep SYD ./etc/cli/data/TimeZone.dat

      SYD (GMT+10:00) FROM 06.10 02:00 TO 05.04 03:00 (GMT+11:00)


      I have also changed the TimeZone.dat on the EM Client on my PC (C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M EM 9.0.00\Default\Data\TimeZone.dat) without any luck (have tried to close and open the WLA GUI).


      Not sure if I should change the settings on the Control-M/Server as well, as it requires services restart and I do not know how that would impact the jobs' actual start times.


      Any help would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Chandru V