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    CMD to Install .Net Framework 4.8

    Steve Gibbs
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      Thought I would share for those that may be interested in updating .NET 4.8.


      Get the source file:



      Create package and use this CMD to silently install package:

      ndp48-x86-x64-allos-enu.exe /q /norestart


      Here are the steps I used to execute...  When I created package I used c:\BCM folder to drop the installer.



      Notice that I also used the Update Software Inventory and Analyze Patch Situation steps.

      After Installation.  Here is the patch that is required after installation (as 10/2019).

      This was showing as a Windows Important update on my Windows 7 Test Device.  Just wanting all to be aware that BCM Patch Management will not see .NET 4.8 as a patchable event due to the version change.  Must be deployed using a Package.


      Steve G.