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    Looking to automate tagging using a CSV fileI have figured out the tagging using a CSV file

    John Rowan
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      I figured out how to accomplish the tagging, but I do have questions.  It doesn't seem like the TAGDAT dataset matches up with the PV_SYS_TAG table/view.  I also want to utilize existing sysid's and not create new sysid's each time add to a servers tags.  For Instance in PV_SYS_TAG there is a SYSTYPE column, but in the TAGDAT dataset, there is no such column/field that corresponds.  Here is the before "ADD" image of PV_SYS_TAGS.  This is in version 11 of the product.


      Here is the after view.  Now I am not trying to insert values for all the column in the TAGDAT, just the required ones.  Here is the CSV file.



      SYS,QA,evdla020,VMware,Test Tag1,ENV,ADD


      Here is the result of the "ADD" operation.


      It generated a new SYSID, and I want to use one of the existing SYSID's.  It also inserted Generic into the SYSTYPE field, so I am confused as how I manipulate this process to get it to accomplish what I want it to, which is assigning new tags under different TAGTYPENAME.


      Hopefully that makes sense, I am new to this product, but am a technical guy who used to be an Oracle DBA in a past life.

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