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    SRM -- mapping fields to Work Order

    Kyle Smithey
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      We have a rather long form that we are adding to SRM and I was wondering if there is a way to map all of the fields, but only include in the Work Order the fields that the customer actually responded to as not all fields are required. Below is an example from the Request Entry screen:


      As you can see, the User Office Number, User Bureau, and User Position title fields were left blank. Here is what the Work Order notes look like:

      Having these fields there with a blank answer just seems like a waste of real estate and makes it harder for people working the tickets to sort through everything. I know that you can only map the responses, but then the information is too vague. Is there a way to do this without a customization? It seems like this would be a really useful feature. Thanks!

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          Carl Wilson

          Hi Kyle,

          There is not a way to do this without customisation.

          I have created an add-on customisation for this available below:


          SRM Dynamic Question Responses Concatenation to Notes / Detailed Description Field By Answered Questions Only




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            Sinisa Mikor

            You could work around this by replacing question text in mapping with substitute (hidden) variable which you could fetch from an external form (which you may or may not need to be added to the system, so that's the bit that may require some customization, unless you can fit additions within an existing form or retrieve it from definition of questions in SRD), using action triggered whenever question's response is changed. For example, you could define a variable for User Office Number


                 Question Text          question User Office Number

                 Question Format     Text

                      - Required     X Hidden     - Read Only

                 Default Response 


            an action to populate it


                 Title                         Show User Office Number

                 Trigger                    Answer Question

                 Qualification          <User Office Number> != $NULL$

                 Form Name            <form which holds descriptions for notes>

                 Qualification           'Question Name' = "User Office Number"

                 Mapping                 Question Name               question User Office Number


            then use both question User Office Number and User Office Number in variable mappings for Notes -- if question wasn't answered, both will be blank so nothing will be added to Notes; prepared descriptions should start with newline character to make sure that they end up in separate lines without showing undesired empty lines.

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              rodrigo barcat

              In addition to Carl and Sinisa, I also needed to customize something similar for a customer.

              Why hasn't BMC done this service and released this feature? It really is horrible to see unanswered questions in the body of emails or ticket notes.


              BTW if you Kyle Smithey need the solution to customize in your side, tell me here and I send def to you!





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                Kyle Smithey

                Thank you, Carl. I will try this out in one of our test environments.