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    Filter Set Field RestAPI - JSON Mapping

    Marek Ceizel
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      We have this great new feature with Remedy 19.08 to use RestAPI in Filter Set Field:


      However even when I follow the only documentation which exist, I am not able to define a JSON structure in Request Mapping:

      Calling third-party REST APIs in a Remedy application - Documentation for BMC Remedy Action Request System 19.08 - BMC D…


      I need to sent this structure:



      "fields": {

              "aaa": {

                  "aaa1": "text_aaa1"


              "bbb": "text_bbb",

              "ccc": {

                  "ccc1": "test_ccc1"





      If I put it exactly this into static body, it works without problem. However trying to deliver that using request mapping, I cannot manage to get the 2nd level structure. However I use the pipes which are mentioned in documentation I managed to get only to fields->aaa. Never to the fields->aaa->aaa1 or ccc1.


      Anybody played with this already ? any tips ?



      thanks a lot