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    Risk Upgrading Remedy

    Syed Reza
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      Hi, We are in the process of upgrading our Remedy version and want to if there any potential risks involve. Can anyone assist me?



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          LJ LongWing

          With all changes there are risk....but also risk in staying where you are.....can you give us a few more details about your system?  Current version and planned version, are you OOTB or custom, or OOTB with some customizations?  If customized, what % customization....platform Windows/Linux?  SQL/Oracle?

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            Adam Lawson

            Some advice that you should consider from when we see successful upgrades:


            1. Every time I see a successful upgrade, the customer has always done it at least 3 times where 2 times were completely successful in a non-production environment.

            2. I also see a high success rate when the team performing the upgrade documents each step they take, including screenshots and notes for each screenshot.  Often times there are things that deviate from the standard upgrade model for your environment, and those must be taken into account.

            3. Lastly, every time someone has a bad upgrade experience, it is ALWAYS compounded by them not having a backup before the upgrade or they've not tested the new system quick enough.  Make sure if you plan on starting you're upgrade at 6PM, to have a backup from 5PM... and when you're done at 9PM start testing then and there.  Do not wait a week for your customers to report the problem.


            Otherwise let us know your platform, DB details, customization levels, what you're going from and to, and what the requirements of your system are like LJ request.

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              Syed Reza

              Hi LJ, We are on 9.1.02 and going to 18.05. We are OOTB with some customization. The customization are adding fields or adding filters. The platform is windows 2012 and the database is SQL 2014



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                Adam Lawson

                How many servers are you upgrading?

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                  Syed Reza

                  Also, we will do the in place upgrade, mean it will be done on a weekend So far, we have upgrade our sandbox environment but I was experiencing challenges.



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                    Syed Reza

                    We have a server group of two ARS and both will be upgraded. All our servers are VMs.

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                      Adam Lawson

                      Thanks for the reply.  Here are some key points I think you should consider:


                      1. Upgrade your Mid-Tier's first.  I'd do this the weekend before you do AR System.

                      2. Make a list of all of your OOTB customizations.  Then export the overlays and keep those available to you for later.

                      3. Make sure that you have a backup, testing, and backout plan.

                      4. Write down all of the features you use in your system.  Email Engine, AREA LDAP, Incident Management.  Ensure that all of these are testing before moving to production.  And then ensure that the same test are run again after the deployment to production before the next business day.

                      5. Apply Patch 005 and the hotfixes before releasing to users.


                      For the most part upgrades from 9.1.x to 9.1.x+ are fairly smooth, as long as customizations have been limited to overlays only.


                      Here are some key items that are updated from your version to 18.05:


                      1. Automatic management of server groups.  Please ensure JMS port is open and available to the system.  Also ensure rakings are set correctly.

                      2. Approval Server has changed.  Please ensure that it is configured according to best practices.

                      3. Deployment Manager is now used to provide patches, hotfixes, and new version updates for the apps.

                      4. REST API Implementation.

                      5. Enhanced web services.

                      6. New Remedy management Console.

                      7. License Management enhancements.


                      9.1.03: Service Pack 3 - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Documentation

                      9.1.04 - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Documentation

                      18.05 enhancements - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 18.05 - BMC Documentation


                      While you dont need to go to each version during your upgrade process, you should review all of the enhancements and ensure that if you use any of these features they're especially tested.

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                        Syed Reza

                        Thanks Adam! This is helpful.

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                          Adam Lawson

                          LJ (and anyone else) feel free to add onto this.  And let us know if you have any other specific issues.

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