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    How to load balance ctrl M between two servers

    lucky lucky
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      Hey all


      Can I please ask a question related to Load balancing Ctrl M between two servers

      So we have two servers set up for batch servers as Primary and DR  with Ctrl M agents installed  .Only one server[application process] will be running at any point in time.

      There are two jobs Ctrl M runs on these servers [ based on which one is active ] . We have load balancer url setup for these two servers and a health check as well.


      JOB1 - Ctrl M -> Load Balancer [health check] ->Active server . Kicks off a Batch Job on active server and creates bunch of files


      JOB2 - Ctrl M -> kicks off a connect direct  file transfer Job [we need this file transfer job to be run on same server as JOB1 obviously because files are generated on that server ]


      • Due to some limitations we cannot have shared file system
      • I have been told JOB 2 won't be able to go via Load balancer as JOB 1 because the way Ctrl M is configured to talk to Connect Direct agent


      Is there a way to address this challenge within Ctrl M? Any monitor plugin or something similar monitors the files which can be utilised for file transfer