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    Cluster awareness and custom implementation

    Rémi Chaffard
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      I would like to know in the context of a custom implementation of a service in a clustered environment if it is possible to change the hosting node of a CI from the Host to the Cluster node ?

      In fact currently we have Oracle SIs connected to Host instead of Cluster because implementation is custom and the patterm does not support it. Asking BMC to change the pattern makes no sense since it will be only for us.

      However I believe there's no way to easily change the hosting node afterwards.


      What could be my possibilities ?




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          Rémi Chaffard



          I changed the Oracle patterns in order to fix cluster awareness part in our environment.

          Changing BMC Patterns is not something I like to do because very difficult to maintain in the long run, need to recheck every time a new update is coming so it's not good.

          I wonder if it could be possible to implement some "hooks" in the patterns so we can call a custom function if it exists, or do nothing, so we keep consistencies in the patterns.


          I don't know how often such kind of custom implementation occur but it could be great to fix that for cluster awareness quality.