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    Update ARS and recovery another database for it

    Sergey Smirnov
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      Hello! ARS + MS SQL


      I have machine ARS with older version than the current ones. It's machine not in server group and won't be there. It will independent. But it is necessary that the database was current for it.


      Is it real to update this old ARS with old database and then recovery new DB to old with all replace (with change and remove date on forms where need new machinename). Will it work?

      Or only migration? Just the difference between the databases is very large, and set packs all the improvements are unreal

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          Carl Wilson


          Yes this is possible and is done by many companies who update the version on say a training environment (after upgrading say Production), then copy back the production DB (with all current data) to the newly upgraded environment - then update references, etc. to match the target environment.


          You just have to remember here that the environment you are restoring back the DB to (destination) is on the same version of Remedy/ITSM as the DB you are restoring.




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