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    Adding new/moving devices between corporate zone and firewalled zone

    Greg Michael
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      Our network team is working on moving and adding new Digi devices between our corporate network zone and a firewalled zone.  When these devices are added into the inventory in TSNA, they default to using our Corporate adapter.  We have 2 adapters in TSNA that are defined for the firewalled zone.


      Is there a way to bring in these devices into the inventory such that TSNA can determine based on their IP address if they should use the Corporate adapter or one of the adapters for the firewalled zone?


      P.S. - I don't do the network side of things, but I am responsible for the infrastructure that TSNA is hosted on.  I'm trying to ease the work for our network team by giving them tips or helping them to setup rules and conditions where the network admins don't have to manually do it.