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    Import configuration from file

    Chris Webb
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      I'm currently building our new Trackit system in order to migrate off of 11.4 and we've decided to not import our existing configuration into the new system and instead build it out from scratch. However, one of our departments has over 400 sub-types and categories and I'd rather not have to type that out by hand. Is there a way to import specific configurations from CSV file or something similar?



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          Eric Liszt

          Hi Chris,


          I suspect Cris Coffey or one of the other folks here will jump in to directly respond to your question shortly.  


          While we are waiting, I'd like to ask if you've challenged the department regarding the need for so many sub-types.   The reason I ask this is that many years ago, I worked as a consultant that would go on site and help customers setup and move to their new helpdesk system.  In practically every engagement I ran into the same situation you are facing where there was a department that felt they absolutely needed a huge number of options in one field or another.


          What I learned over the years was that it is a very, very, very rare situation where they actually needed (or actually used) that level of detail.   What i often found was that the reports they thought would be keyed off this information really weren't used.  Or, the reports weren't useful useful because it was too much of a pain for the technicians to figure out which one of the 400 options was the right one to use and they ended up just picking whatever seemed closest just to save time. 


          In those cases, I would challenge the person making the requirement by asking:

          • Can you show me the the reports you currently generate using these options
          • How do you actually use the reports.
          • What actions/decisions are really driven by the report
          • How confident are you that technicians aren't taking a shortcut when entering the data and that it's actually entered correctly at least 99% of the time?
          • Would your team be more effective if updating a ticket took less time?


          This would then lead to a discussion where I would recommend summarizing the data a level or two up in the hierarchy as a first step and if we later found we needed the additional level of detail, we could easily add it.   Removing data/hierarchy is much harder.


          Anyway, I would highly recommend you challenge the other department to ensure they don't over complicate your system and as a result, drive down its value.

          I wish you great success as you put your new version of the system on line!



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            Chris Webb

            I tried to get them to simplify but they insist they need it laid out the way they've requested. It's an accounting department and we have a lot of RBU's.  I agree with you but unfortunately my hands are tied.

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              Cris Coffey

              Yep, my response would have been similar to Eric's. There are also other threads about this same thing on the community. Knowing that it is an accounting department does change things a bit. I am guessing they need specific codes for specific types of transactions and they likely use all of them, even if some are used only occasionally. There isnt a way that I know of to import them but you can open up a case with support to see if they know of a behind the scenes way to do it. You can find options for contacting them at support.trackit.com.

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                Chris Webb

                Thank you, I appreciate the response. I'll just go ahead and enter them manually (while muttering under my breath the entire time ;-) )

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                  Cris Coffey

                  That gave me a good laugh. You still may want to check with support to see if there is a way to import them.