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    Trackit 2019 - Assigning a charge to all tickets.

    Keith Parker
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      We have just upgraded from Trackit 11.4 to 2019, and for the most part all is working as it should.  We are however having issues with being able to eficiently assign a cost to tickets to be able to cross charge our teams time to other departments.


      I have found this article Creating and managing assignments - Documentation for Track-It! 20.19 - BMC Documentation   where it speaks of assigning a charge on an assignment, and I have been able to get it to work as per thje documentation, however this is not what we were after.


      We would like to be able to assign a cost to a ticket action, and have it update in much the same way that the "assignment " does, like we could in the old version.


      Is this possible?


      Any documentation out there detailing how to achieve this?