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    Innovation Suite-How to overriding the css style, to get a bigger Text Field for a specific Data Record in "Record Editor"?

    Zi Sang
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      Dear all,


      in Innovation Suite, if create a Data Record, with the type "Text", and let length from 254 to 3000, then use this data Record in a "Record Editor", the "text field" will turn to "text area".

      And people can only give in 500 characters, but it is still to little for us.

      We need to have some "Big Text Area", for example to have 3000 characters.

      this text area is to small.png


      We already know, to realize it, we must overriding the css style. (Please see Re: Innovation Suite - a bigger text field, is it possible? If yes, how? ) However, we haven't done it before with custom code, and so that need some examples or documentation.


      Ranjit Jadhav Laurent Matheo Dear Ranjit, dear Laurent, do you have some good tutorial or documentation about this? Thank you so much!


      Best regards,