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    BMC Outage Service Report

    Crystal Ashton
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      Hey there! Quick question for you? Not sure if I am in the right place. We have a service dashboard we have access to (https://status-ams.onbmc.com/dashboard/dashmain.p...) however this is the service it seems for bmc in general and not our specific instance for eBay. Do you know if there is a dashboard/report we can run for monitoring our specific instance of bmc? We need to know when we are down so we can report the issue.

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          Anne Brock

          I'm thinking this might fit better in the Helix community since it's BMC Helix ITSM.

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            Karl-Anders Falk

            Hi Ashton,

            the availability of the Service Status Dashboard is based on the availability of the eBay Helix Services.

            We monitor the service through synthetic transactions (robots logging in to the Helix services), if the login fails or takes too long, a critical incident is raised and our NOC (Network Operations Center) will immediately try to manually log in to the service. If that also fails, they will open a BMC Internal bridge and call in the SME's required to investigate, a MIM (Major Incident Manager) is assigned to lead the investigations. Once the service has been restored, the time from the Incident was rasied, until the service was restored is entered into our disruption DB and that is what you see on the chart in the Service status Dashboard.


            Within 3 days there will also be a RFO (Reason fro Outage Document) available describing the exact timings, reason for the service impact and what will be done to prevent it from happening again.


            I suggest that you reach out to the BRM (Business Relationship Manager) for eBay Ejaz Khan and book a meeting where you can jointly go this through. This same data is shared in Business Review meetings held by the BRM with each customer.


            If you experience that the chart does not reflect outages that you personally have experienced that might be because there were connectivity issues outside the control of BMC, such as general internet issues or within the eBay corporate network, proxies firewalls etc. The availability chart reflects the Availability of the Helix service as provided by BMC, not availability for You as a single user.


            Best Regards



            Lead Business Relationship Manager

            BMC Helix Operations


            PS. The i.onbmc.com user guide, the Incident Response policy and the Availability Policy on docs.bmc.com also contains information around this

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              Crystal Ashton

              OH, do you have a link for me? All my documentation provided the path I am on today.

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