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    Agent not resolving exports DNS entry with changed IP address

    S. Crawford
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      We are experimenting with moving the Truesight/BladeLogic infrastructure to AWS.  In this model, we're building out the application servers in pipelines so they can be spun up or redeployed automatically.  They will have the same hostnames but their IP addresses will change.  In our agent exports file, we have the names of all the possible app servers.  We tried re-deploying a config app server, so the name stayed the same but the IP address changed.  When we did this and then tried to NSH to a target server from this app server, we got the following error in the target agent log:


      (Not_available): (Not_available): Host not granted access


      We had to add in the IP address of the new app server in the exports file in order for the access to work.  It seems like the agent is caching the DNS entries it finds in the exports file.  Is this true?  If this is the case, how can we make sure the agent constantly tries to resolve those entries?  Otherwise we could lose connectivity to all of our target servers (~25,000 of them).