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    WOL - Wake on Lan aka Wake Up Device

    Steve Gibbs
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      Hi everyone,


      I just wanted to share something I learned this week.  Working with a new customer on a fresh install for v.12.9 I had customer configure BIOS to allow Wake on Lan and also allow Wake on Lan on the Network Adaptor configuration page > Power Tab.  Much to my surprise it worked! Why was I surprised? Because the Relay was NOT on the same subnet as the device we successfully started from a cold start.  Customer's Relay was in another office within the same geographic region but on another subnet.  Customer does have a mesh network using MPLS but I had my doubts that this would work because "Magic Packets" are not routable.  Maybe I just was ignorant before but I wanted to share this information for two reasons:


      1. Customers that need to Remote Control a Device but the device has been unattended for a couple of hours and the Network Adapter has turned of the nic card so you get "Device Unreachable". Customer gets frustrated because they need to access the device to configure something on that box.  Global customers run into this scenario often.
      2. Once you configure your end points to allow WOL in the BIOS and the NIC adapter you can use the "Direct Access Tools" and select Wake Up.  Wait about three minutes or so, and now the device is able to be remote controlled or any other reason to gain access to that device.


      Here are so screen shots: