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    How to look up details about a defect?

    Sonia Agarwal
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      Where can I find the list of all existing known defects (not just related to me) in BMC Footprints (20.19.02)?


      Also, how can I look up details about a defect? Like details of DRZNZ-5560 are here.



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          Sonia Agarwal

          Thank you Vern Meyer for your quick reply. The link you provided has list of defects that are fixed in 20.19.01 or 20.19.02 release. I am looking for a list of issues that are known but not fixed yet.


          Also, how I look up any issue details using DRZNZ-**** number?



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            Nicolas Roome

            BMC does not publish (publicly) a list of Known Defects. BMC generally will include a few known defects into that list, but I'm not sure there is a specific pattern or reason for it.


            Generally, if you want information on a specific defect, you'd have to reach out to your Support Provider. Just be aware that BMC generally cannot provide information as to when they plan to fix a specific defect.


            Is there a specific defect you're looking for?


            There is only so much I can share publicly, but what I'd like to say is that the list of open defects has been on a downwards trend since January 2018, and although BMC has not released the 20.19.02 defect list (ie: all defects opened as of the 20.19.02 release, and NOT the defects introduced in 20.19.02), the defect list has been reduced by 36% between 20.19.01 and 12.1.09. I should point out that I am getting this number based on my own data sets and information I am compiling based on the BMC published Known Defects lists.

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              Sonia Agarwal

              Thanks NIck, I understand that those will be outstanding issues in BMC not introduced in the new release.


              I can see a list of Known issues (including not fixed in that version) in release documentation of 20.18.03.


              I wasn't looking for specific one. I had an issue and wanted to see if that is already reported and if there is a workaround for that.


              I will submit a support ticket.