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    Using VSCode? I published a TPL extension

    Christian Pautsch
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      So I have recently switched to Microsoft's VSCode for working on my TPL. I had been using Notepad++, but I like VSCode for it's ability to manage an entire project of files and search among there files. One common use case I have is "I've done this before... which pattern did I write that in?". Another useful scenario is when I'm trying to go back and update a bunch of older templates as work with a client has progressed, and VSCode supports find/replace throughout the project.


      One thing VSCode didn't have is syntax highlighting for `.tpl` files, while Notepad++ does have one out there (custom written, I think, by someone in the community). After searching, I found one that had been started by a guy here, but I felt it could be improved and polished. Unfortunately, the project was not being maintained, so I took it upon myself to start work on it. Here it is!


      (an example of how it looks in VSCode, with the default dark theme)



      And now it's done! To be more accurate, it's done enough that I feel comfortable sharing it. A lot more work will have to go into it; the highlighting colors need to be refined to be really professional, and a lot of organization behind the scenes to make it more maintainable. Furthermore, I want to develop it for syntax suggestions and error checks, which are long-term goals for me.


      To use, you can follow the instructions to download one of the releases from Github, or you can install it directly from the VSCode marketplace where it has been published. You can get VSCode here!


      If any of you have suggestions, come across bugs, or wish to contribute, you are welcome to do so at the Github page!