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    BWF Approvals

    Eduard Cipes
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      my question relates to the approvals. The problem is that i would like to create a approval which expects the approve from two supportgroups, each supportgroup include 3 supporter. The approve should be one sign of each supportgroup but i only can choose between "all must sign" (all of the supporter) or "only one must sign" which isn´t the right one because i need a sign from each supportgroup.

      How could i implement that?

      Thank you!


      Best Regards



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          rodrigo barcat

          Hi Eduard,


          Pls, let us know the products and version you are working on. However, I understand that you will need to create new rules to meet your need.


          Will approvals be fired in parallel or series? Explain your process a little better.

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            Eduard Cipes

            Hi Rodrigo,


            i use the BMC Helix platform and in this case BWF and Version is 19.05 i think.

            The goal should be to fire the approvals for each supportgroup parallel and one approve of each supportgroup is necessary.

            Do you have an example for this in connection with creating new rules?

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              rodrigo barcat

              Did you read the below post? Maybe it can help you. I will create an example by my side because I'm creating a new approval template for a cusotmer (with 3 levels of approval groups). Let me know if the below link helps you.


              SRM Approval for two Groups in a sequence

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                Sidhdesh Punaskar

                You need to select All Must Sign from AP:Process Definition for that particular process

                Working with "If Multiple Approvers" in Remedy

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                  Eduard Cipes

                  So it isn´t possible to change the required options here:?

                  Where can i find this AP:Process Definition?

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                    Eduard Cipes

                    I think that works with remedy itsm but i use BMC Business workflow. I´m not sure if this is what i am looking for.


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                      Sidhdesh Punaskar

                      ok. The setting I am talking is related to Remedy. I think Helix has different ways of doing it.

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                        Eduard Cipes

                        Do you know anybody who maybe have information to this topic?

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                          Sidhdesh Punaskar

                          I hardly know anything about Helix till now.

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                            Anne Brock

                            you might want to post to the developer group

                            Developer Community


                            The people in that group know about the underlying Innovation Studio technology which is uses with Business Workflows.

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                              Harshada Gaikwad

                              Hi Eduard,


                              With BWF application , Considering your ask mentioned above let me suggest the approach –

                              1. Suppose you need to have approval from two support group ‘A’ and ‘B’.
                              2. On Approval Configuration, create the flow with desired qualification as approver for Support group ‘A’ (One must sign)
                              3. On same flow you will find the right hand side option which allow to take decision what if Support group ‘A’ approvers
                              4. Select “Approved” option and that enables process selection where you can call custom process which cause approver as Support group ‘B’ (One must sign)
                                1. Create custom process using Tenant Admin/Business analyst which has “Approval Process” Action
                                2. Process Input Parameters will be case record (ID 57000) Approval Status (ID 57020)
                                3. Process Output Parameters = Final Status (ID 57030)
                                4. Add “Approval Process” Action and as parameters select Case Record and Select valid Flow Name which contains  approver as “Support Group B”
                              5. Once desired approvers approves the request in Support group ‘A’ and ‘B’ then only case will be marked as “Approved”

                              This will generate approval for first 'Support group A', once it is approved then approval will go to 'Support Group B' .

                              Please let me know if you have any queries.

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                                Eduard Cipes

                                Hi Harshada,


                                Thank you but this approach with approval chain is not the required one.

                                I need a parallel approval from both supportgroups for example:

                                     1. New Case --> Need to be approved by Supportteam "A" and Supportteam "B" and this parallel

                                     2. It is enough that only One person from "A" approved and one person from "B" not every person from each supportteam

                                Is that possible?

                                Thank you for your help!

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                                  Juergen Hauser

                                  Hi Eduard,


                                  The way I read your latest response is that you want to have these two approvals (one from each support group) happening in parallel instead of sequentially (using chaining). This is not possible.


                                  Getting the two approvals in parallel is likely faster in getting the approvals. Any reason besides this one why you would want to use it?


                                  After the approvals happened the outcome is the same for parallel and sequential.


                                  Best regards,


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                                    Eduard Cipes

                                    Hello Juergen,


                                    you are right that the solution is the same.

                                    And as you mentioned the important point: it is faster



                                    You need a approval which includes maybe 4 supportgroups

                                    Sequential:            1. Wait for supportgroup A until a decision

                                                                  2. If A confirm go to B and wait there

                                                                  3. If B confirm go to C and wait there

                                                                  4. C confirm go to D

                                                                  5. D refuse

                                    Parallel:                 1. Send approval request to A, B, C and D

                                                                  2. They can decide at the same time and if one supporgroup refused it´s finished for all         


                                    I think the performance difference ist huge.


                                    Best regards,


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