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    emdef Failed to load user authorizations

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      I'm trying to export some jobs through the emdef utility. I'm using this command line:

      emdef.exe exportdefjob -pf password.prop -s servername -arg args.txt -out out.txt


      And I'm getting the error


      Failed to load user authorizations

      This error may be caused by any of the following

      -Server servername is not running

      - the server listening port is blocked by the firewall

      - the outgoing ports are blocked in this computer


      However, I am able to use that servername and credentials to log into the Control-M client. Any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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          I have similar error. We haven't found fix yet. And not in a hurry too as its in test region. But the assumption is that this is something to do with user permission/rights.

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            So you're thinking that running emdef requires elevated permissions over what one would use for simply using the client?


            Is there any other way to export job definitions from Control-M?

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              Yes, I strongly believe that emdef needs some elevated permission.

              My jobs were running fine in Machine_A (CTM v8), then we moved this to Machine_B(CTM v9), and none of these type jobs run now.


              To get the job definitions, just open those tables , or the complete data set and use 'export' option on the top ribbon. This will create an XML file.

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                I have a thought, and maybe this applies for you as well. Is your server running on the default port? The default is 13075, however we are running ours on 13076. I don't see in the examples though any switch for changing the port. Do you know if there is one?

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                  Louis Vincent

                  Bit late to answer this question but I encountered this tonight and I solved it for myself so I thought I'd share my solution.

                  I'm running Control-M 9.0.18 on a Windows 2008 R2


                  I tried to run this command locally on the server (with and without admin command prompt, no difference)

                  emdef exportdefjob -u emuser -p <password> -s controlmwin1 -arg arg.txt -out out.xml

                  but got the same error as you:

                  Failed to load user authorizations

                  Then I checked my hostname with the hostname command:


                  I reran the command with the hostname with the same capitalization

                  emdef exportdefjob -u emuser -p <password> -s ControlMWin1 -arg arg.txt -out out.xml

                  and voila!

                  Info: Query results contains 3 folders

                  Info: Export completed successfully with 10 Jobs exported to out.xml


                  So the moral of my answer is: The emdef command is VERY VERY case-sensitive!

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                    Mark Francome

                    Thanks for the heads up. Case-sensitivity often strikes when you least expect it.


                    I spent 30 minutes wondering why my SSL-based Agents were not coming online, then I realised that SSL needs the naming to be 100% exact ... including case-sensitive.

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                      CHANDRAMANI SHAKYA

                      I encounter same issue and deployment pip-line stuck due to this , there was no solution i could find ,

                      same deployment is working from another machine but it stuck on main server windows 2016R2

                      finally i ran the command with GUI host name in capital and it worked , after this i ran the command with  GUI server name in small and it is working fine .

                      seems to be issue with LDAP ( my user was authenticating through LDAP)


                      Thanks for quick fix

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