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    BSA: All Jobs on all the Windows Server

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      I am working on a task to get a list of all the Jobs that were executed against any Windows Server in my environment. I did not find any BLCLI command. So, I tried to use the following DB query:


      select j.NAME ,d.name from job j

      INNER join JOB_DEVICE jd on j.job_id = jd.Job_id

      inner join DEVICE d on jd.device_id = d.device_id

      where d.OS_VENDOR = 'Microsoft' and d.agent_state_id = '100' and d.device_state_id = '50';


      Is this correct? If there are any alternate ways, please let me know. There are more than 350+ Win servers in my env; so checking the ACtivity summary in the BAA console is not a feasible option.


      Thank you.