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    Truesight Out-of-box alerting

    Owen Stillman
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      I have installed a large KM with many paramters.


      One of the parameters is disk space, which is currently being tracked and has live data coming in. I wanted to test the alert threshold for this, and have created dummy files which take up all but 400mb of space on one of the server disks.


      My thought was that Truesight would have some form of automatic out-of-the-box alert system in place that, when met with such a sharp drop in storage space, would alert without any prior configuration from me - I've read a bit about intelligent alerting in truesight, such as the abnormality alerts and thought this would trigger such an alert.


      Here is what TSPS shows, a very sharp decrease in disk space - this should definitely result in some form of alert


      This does not seem to be the case.


      Does anyone have any experience with truesight out-of-box alerting, is there anything specific that needs to be turned on or that we may have missed? If not, It'll mean a high workload for the implmentation of this as each KM parameter would then have to be individually set up before we can fully go live with this.