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    Change Request E-mail template - Send , Test & Verify Merge Fields

    Matthew Coffin
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      Hi Everyone


      I know I am going to kick myself when I know the answer to this. I am creating a visualforce e-mail template for change requests , but I cannot get the send , test and verify merge fields to work. WHen the system prompts for the Recipient and ID, it always fails. I get the possiblity to search for a user , but not for the change request number.


      This is the first 2 lines of the visualforce e-mail template

      <messaging:emailTemplate subject="Change #{!relatedto.Name} (Ref:CR:{!relatedto.Name})" recipientType="User" relatedToType="BMCServiceDesk__Change_Request__c">

      <messaging:htmlEmailBody >


      I have no issue with the user , but the BMCServiceDesk_Change_Request_c ID eludes me. I Understand that CR00000099 is the .Name of the Change Request. However , what will be the BMCServiceDesk_Change_Request_c? Where do I find it to test? Thankyou in advance