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    How to configure overdue approval for BMC Service Request

    Arie Retno
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      Hi all BMC Master,


      We have customer request that every approval from SRM that passess 1 hours in state "Waiting Approval" will be Rejected automatically by system.


      It seem that i have not yet successfully configure overdue approval from the form AP:Administration

      Select the Process: Service Request - Level , linked to form SRM:Request, Process Type : Level, Status : Active

      On Basic tab, we don't change anything

      On Configuration tab we add Process due interval to 1 and put the same for Signature Due

      Then in tab Signature Escalation (normal, urgent, low) we put automatic action after interval 24 Hours > Change state to Rejected, with business calendar 24HrsTag


      After we create a request and change the server time (OS) forwad 1 hours form submit date we are expecting the request will be rejected but the result is not as expected.


      Please help is there any other configuration should be done ?