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    Updating TKU - correct sequence

    Eric Plunk
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      BMC Discovery 11.1


      Want to upgrade to TKU-2019-09-1-ADDM-11.1+.


      I don't remember seeing a warning like this during previous TKU upgrades:



      My original process:  delete old patterns, install TKU, then install custom patterns.  Goal = keep everything clean.


      Maybe this is better:  install TKU, install custom patterns, then delete old patterns.



      What is the recommended process?



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          Brian Morris

          You don't need to delete patterns. Just upload the TKU and older versions of the same pattern will be deactivated and replaced by the newer versions.

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            Brian Morris

            The order I use is the main TKU and then EDP or Storage TKU.


            Auto Cleanup, which I think is marked by default now, deprecates the old patterns and keeps the ui "clean"


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              Andrew Waters

              This is not always true.


              Auto Cleanup will delete old PatternModules if the containing patterns no longer matains ((i.e. were not used) nodes in the inferred model.


              If the major version of a pattern does not change then the new pattern will take on maintenance of the inferred nodes from the old pattern. If the major version has changed then the model is sufficiently different that the Pattern in the deactivated PatternModule will remain the maintainer. Depending upon the trigger, this can age out of time. In this case you may well want to delete the old PatternModules after activating a new TKU and doing a scan.

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                Brian Morris

                OK, but I'm not clear on what you're recommending as far as monthly maintenance is concerned.


                How do you maintain this process if you need to know every time there's a difference in either the major version of a newly updated pattern and/or if the trigger has changed in some way that now justifies deleting patterns manually? Is there a report that gives you this information so you know what should be deleted after each monthly TKU release?


                Can you share your process?

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                  Andrew Waters

                  The TKU release notes should tell you if there is any significant change to a model causing a major version change and which point you can make the decision about how you want to proceed. If you do not want to do that after an update you could look at maintained nodes associated with deactivated pattern modules, e.g.

                  SEARCH PatternModule

                  WHERE NOT active

                    AND NODECOUNT(TRAVERSE PatternModule:PatternModuleContainment:Pattern:Pattern

                                  TRAVERSE Pattern:Maintainer:Element:) > 0

                  Then it really comes down to what you want to see. Do you want to delete things immediately, hence you need to wait for another scan to see them again. Do you want to wait until after a scan so the new and old model are present and then delete the old.

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