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    How to integrate Control/m with CA-ESP

    Ramesh Halai
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      afternoon everyone;


      i am looking to understand if anyone has already integrated control/m with CA-ESP (scheduling across different scheduling products);


      Background there are two schedules, one running on the mainframe the other on windows (or something else, just not mainframe).


      scenario 1: triggering from windows (does not have to be windows, just not mainframe) to mainframe

      job MJob3 on the mainframe needs to wait until Cjob2 on windows has finished successfully.


      scenario 2: triggering from mainframe to windows

      When job MJob3 on the mainframe finishes, job Cjob4 on windows needs to run.


      these are not actual schedules just examples to help frame the question.

      now I believe I have scenario 2 sorted; i.e install control/m on mainframe, and using CMEMS we look out for job Mjob3 and then satisfy the dependency using Global Condition Server.

      I dont see how I can do scenario 1

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          Paul Robins

          It's not really clear from your question which products are on which platform here and which direction the dependencies are going so there will be a multitude of answers to this.

          I have not integrated ESP but I did integrate CA-Jobtrac once using dataset triggers and Control-O ON JOBARRIV and ON JOBEND statements.

          CA-ESP should have dataset\file triggers similar to CMEM or CTM filewatcher. Also CA-ESP should have utilities for triggering jobs jobs in the windows environment. CA-ESP could manipulate windows Control-M using ctmcontb to add conditions or ctmorder\ctmdefine etc.

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            Adriano Gomes

            Hi Ramesh Halai


            Both solutions provide rest APIs that can be  exploited for integrations by using curl cmd lines.


            Using the REST API - CA Workload Automation ESP Edition - 12.0 - CA Technologies Documentation


            CTM API calls can trigger jobs by adding Conditions/Events or do ordering jobs and/or tables.


            If your CA-ESP have resp API enabled, you may also want to use :


            • CTM Application Integrator that will allow you to perform CA-Esp  rest calls embeeded on CTM Forms as native ctm jobs;
            • ctmshout utility to a program that that run curl cmd lines to invoke CA-Esp  rest calls embeeded onto scripts;


            My Best



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              Rick Palmer

              Hi Ramesh,


              There is a solution utilizing Control-M for z/OS depending on your license.  This solution will monitor the complettion of jobs from ESP and then post the condition to the Enterprise Manager.  Please check with your account manager.

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