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    MOBILITY_ERROR_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR displayed in Smart IT when displaying error message from filter with execute on "delete"

    Frederik Huschebeck
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      I am using a filter to prevent users from deleting attachments. The filter is pretty simple:


      Execute on: delete

      Form: CFG:Attachments

      Run if Qualification: No qualification specified

      Message Number: 12345

      Message Type: Error

      Message Text: Deleting attachments is not allowed.


      This is working fine when using the mid-tier, the error message is shown and the attachment is not deleted. However, when using Smart IT, instead of showing the error message it's showing "MOBILITY_ERROR_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR".

      If I change the filter to execute on "submit" the error message is shown correctly.


      Using Chrome developer tools I captured the following server response when using the filter:

      Status Code: 500

      {"error":"MOBILITY_ERROR_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR","errorCode":1013,"defaultMessage":"ERROR (12345): ; Deleting attachments is not allowed.","additionalMessage":"ARException: ERROR (12345): ; Deleting attachments is not allowed.","detailedMessage":"com.bmc.bsm.myit.providers.ProviderException: com.bmc.bsm.mobile.errorhandling.MobilityException: {\"error\":\"MOBILITY_ERROR_PROCESS_RETURNED\",\"errorCode\":1002,\"defaultMessage\":\"Application Error: A process on the data server returned an error.\",\"additionalMessage\":\"deleteItem\",\"detailMessage\":\"ERROR (12345): ; Deleting attachments is not allowed.\",\"ARConnectionProblem\":false}","arconnectionProblem":false}


      Does anyone have any experience on what may be causing this issue, or know of any other workaround that prevents users from deleting attachments?


      Thanks a lot in advance.