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    Inconsistent scheduled event behavior using Task Created Date

    John Fontenault
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      Hello, I have a fairly simple Process Builder that does two things. 1. Upon detecting a change in status on a Task to a particular status the first criteria will Create a new Task., 2. the second criteria is called when a Task isnew(), a scheduled event will occur which will change the status and owner. The interesting part is that the change in status is to the status that is supposed to be detected by the first criteria. Basically this is a repeating process that will change a status after a period of time and also create a new Task which will then wait for the schedule to again change it's status.  The process works fine when testing against a custom trigger date/time (trying to mimic every 5 minutes), but when using the native record Created Date the process is not consistent. At the moment I have the schedule set to one hour post Created Date of a new Task, but sometime it seems to skip an hour or event happens off schedule, like 1.5 hours instead of on the hour.  I am now using a new trigger Date/time, which is a custom formula field set equal to the Created Date which seems to be working. Has anyone experienced issues with triggering an event from a Task Created Date?

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          John Fontenault

          As a follow up to my post what I am finding is that even my new formula field which is essentially the same as Created Date, I am seeing the same type of behavior. The process produced several new Tasks exactly 1 hour later, but then skipped one and created the next after a gap of 1 hour and 45 minutes, then the next one was a gap of two hours. Very strange. Would appreciate if anyone else has seen similar strange behavior.

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