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    Need to limit number of views in RemedyForce Console (not each queue)

    Randy Powell
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      IN our organization, we have a number of different support groups.  Each support group has access to there 1-n queues.  Limiting access to these queues can be done with profiles & permission sets. However, we still display the list views of each queue for everyone.  So they know the other queues exist and have to scroll through the list to get to their 1-n queues views.


      In the RF Console list views, it automatically creates a view each time we add a queue.  The visibility of these queues defaults to all users.  To change these will be a maintenance nightmare.  We can


      Has anyone found a way to limit these views to only the members of the queue?  Currently it looks like they are only controllable by roles or groups.

      or Is there a way to set-up the default as to if a view is created or available to certain people.



      I have a Business Support Group for one application (APPB1).  It has one queue (APPB1).  These support people can only access tickets in that queue (or opened by them).  But in the list they can see 60+ views.


      I would like a few default views + queues they are members of.  With the defauls being things like All, All (Open), Recently Closed, My Incidents, My Incidents (Open), + One for each queue.