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    Pentaho - data not populating on job run

    Seth Malwitz
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      I am trying to populate staff's building name into Salesforce. We have 8 buildings across our district. In Pentaho I have added physicalDeliveryOfficeName to the fields in LDAP input and Excel Output. With there not being a building field in Salesforce I decided to map the building name to address as we aren't currently using the address for anything. So in Salesforce Upsert [For User] I mapped Street to physicalDeliveryOfficeName.


      When I run the job I don't get any errors but the data doesn't populate in Salesforce, I'm thinking I either missed a spot for adding the field or Street isn't the correct Module field to map to.


      Does anyone have any thoughts on what I missed or set incorrectly?




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          Anne Brock

          I'm wondering if because of the way Salesforce handles mailing address in the user form it's messing with the import. Might try using Data Loader to see if that will bring it in; one way to test it.

          I did an export from Data Loader and Street was available as its own column, but just wondering if something odd is happening on the import because it combines all the fields together into "address".


          Or I could be totally wrong and it's something simple in Pentaho...

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            Anne Brock

            one other thought is use Division or Dept. Easy enough to have those then show up on the incident ticket. Can probably use Translation Workbench to change the name of them (not sure if can do that on the User form or not)

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              Seth Malwitz

              So checking the log files this morning it is working, but it seems to only update a handful of users each time the job runs instead of updating all the users. I guess I'm not sure if that is expected behavior with Pentaho or not. At this pace I just need to wait 60 odd days for my nightly scheduled runs to get everything caught up.

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                Paul Donders

                Hi Seth Malwitz


                In your Pentaho jobs you can configure what user should be updated, like All or just the Delta's (only the users that are changed).


                Maybe in some of the queries (data get steps from Salesforce) you have a smaller selection like 'Limit 10'. That might also reduce the numbers..


                I'm happy to assist here, but you can always contact support.


                In summary; All records should be updated (based on your criteria) overnight,



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                  Seth Malwitz

                  Unless there was a limit pre built in I didn't change anything to do with a limit that I'm aware of, and that is what was odd, the number of records updated isn't consistent.


                  The log from one night showed 10 users update, the next night 150, the night after that 25, the number of users updated would change from night to night.


                  At this point all of the users records are up to date and any staff changes seem to be updating overnight with no issue, so I'm not super concerned about it.