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    Deep Link for Activity Log update

    Jens Sunde
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      Hi, I'm currently working on the Messsage Tag = SRS-REQ-NotifyEndUser in the form SYS:Notification Messages to provide the Customer with a deep link to Digital Workplace for the Request that is updated with a work info.


      The URL I'm working on is the following: https://<DWP-server>:<port>/ux/myitapp/#/profile?activity=requests&requestId=REQ000000xxxx based on other inputs in this communitie.


      The problem is, it's only display a screen with void / null info, and therefor pretty useless. If I manually open the request ( by clicking on it inside DWP), then I can use the link, and it will provide me with the correct info. Some kind of cache issue? Anyone else experiencing this, and maybe found a solution?



      All this with Remedy SSO and we are currently running Digital Workplace 18.02