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    Customize notifications in DWP

    Maximilian Bugl
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      Hi all together,


      i need your help regarding the DWP notifications


      We need to customize the design and also the content and structure of the ootb notification of DWP.

      It is not enough to have 3 variables for the subject, which can be set in the DWP admin console.

      I haven’t found any documentation regarding this topic, which is needed to fulfill the customer requirements regarding logo/ colors which are given by the design guide for every system email.


      In addition we need to enable the request/ socials activity notification for in app and mail for every end user at the beginning.

      It is enabled for the approvals, which means there must be a trick to do this.

      It is nearly impossible to get all 35000 end customers to manage their notification by their own at the beginning.


      And we want to get rid off the enduser notifications of the ITSM regarding requests ;-)


      Simon Geddes maybe you have a hint for me to get the customer happy with a short term solution.


      Thanks to all of you upfront.