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    How to prohibit an application which is monitored

    Gabriel Andrey
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      Bonjour a toutes et tous,


      Actually I have to monitor an application, let's say Appy1.


      I did created my Monitored application list with Appy1 and it's flavored versions (8.0.0 / 8.0.1 / 8.1.3)

      And the SLM (Software License Management) have some datas to show me, which I'm quite happy


      Now, the point, I have some devices who should not have Appy1, but it have it. So a have it's to prohibit Appy1 on these devices.

      But when you create an AL (Application List)  Monitored and populate it from software inventory

      You can not populate another AL, in my case an prohibited one. All the Appy1 instance are not anymore available in "Add from software inventory ..."


      One way I found, but it's a really hard job it's to "Add User Defined Application..."

      • From the device, I can get only one version of Appy1 from only one device, and I have to find all other devices with all versions ... hard time
      • From 'Add a file', I'm not sur I could let blank checksum and file size



      Does anyone have worked on that kind ?


      Best regards