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    Error when submitting MyIT (18.02) request using an SRM adding attachment

    Greg Donalson
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      I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue as well.  Here is how to replicate:


      1. In MyIT, select an SRM to populate

      2. Change the "Request for" person to be someone else besides yourself

      3. Populate the rest of the Request

      4. Add an attachment

      5. Submit


      We are getting the following error:

      "ERROR(326): Required field cannot be blank; NTE:SYS-NT Process Control : Request ID02 Ticket (1013)"


      I have tried with multiple SRMs and still having the same issue.  If I try it from the "superbox", then it works, but then I am not filling out an SRM.


      It works if I change any of the following:

      - If I change the user to be myself

      - Remove the attachment


      ARS/ITSM: 9.1.03 patch 1

      Smart IT: 2.0.01

      Digital WorkPlace (MyIT): 18.02